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“Without the right tool, you have to choose what time you spend on administrative tasks and what time is on sale. ebroker and its connectivity allows you to simplify administrative tasks as much as possible ».

«ebroker BI PRO is without a doubt a essential tool for day-to-day management and decision making».

«Many congratulations on your UX environment. I think you are taking the ebroker program to highest level of qualityI certainly see a lot of effort in ebroker to improve yourself day by day. We are very happy to be part of your great family and advance in digitalization from our brokerage the command from a technology provider like you».

«For 4 years, ebroker cloud provides operational and commercial capacity to manage a network of more than 800 users, connected from different points ».

Javier Montaraz Barros

"In Classroom ebroker We have found an extensive training catalog, focused on the needs of our brokerage and with expert advice on the different functionalities. This has allowed us optimize the management of the mobility channel from ebroker and make the most of our Llull Segur App to interact with our customers ».

«The total integration of receipt processes through SIAREC It allows us to release administrative burdens and increase our commercial capacity. "

Sara Martínez-Pinna and Daniel Romero

«Business intelligence of ebroker has become an essential tool in the measurement of profitability of the different divisions of the brokerage, as well as has helped us greatly in the portfolio analysis, both of cars and diverse and in the segmentation of our customers ».

«ebroker provides us competitive advantage, allows us be different. Know our needs and your innovation constant make you the best partner to adapt to new Times»

Cristina Llorens Santonja

«Thanks to the processes automated de SIAREC, we avoid the common mistakes of entering receipts by hand, eliminating incidents, administrative burdens and times of dedication earning operating efficiency. In addition, to know the actual situation of the receipt in a online provides us certainty».

José Luis Mañero

«Merlin allows us to carry out data collection in a tailored intuitive in a comfortable interface and agile which reduce time invested in making a quote. I would definitely recommend Merlin to any partner in the industry."

Joanna Pena

"The Multitariff B2C from ebroker is a feeder aimed at the end customer, intuitive and easy to use. This component inserted in our website has allowed us increase business opportunities and sale of auto insurance. In addition, the information of Projects and Candidates is automatically registered in the system, both for monitoring and cross-selling ».

"The connectivity provides us maximum efficiency. We preferably work with insurers integrated in ebroker. 8.000 policies issued in 2015 are a good example »

Ernesto Manuel Fernández Eiras

"With the ebroker cloud service we have won in efficiency and allows us full access to all our data from anywhere and any device with a response speed boat tour y agile».

«Taking decisions based on insights and not in assumptions is fundamental to to interact with us Clients, get to the bottom of your needs and so satisfy Your expectations"

«With ebroker we have achieved modernize to meet the current needs of customers, now that everything wants to be controlled by mobile. The APP "Mi Corredor" allows us to accompany our clients to give a better service and be pioneers in technology»

"The Integrated multitator de ebroker makes profitable our time to obtain with a single click a wide range of offers, which, interrelated with the Event Manager, allows total control, management Management y profitable of administrative work and a fluent and practical communication with our clients ”.

Fernando Carmona

«Classroom ebroker It has allowed us to know in depth features such as tasks y alarms, which now help us to have a administrative control daily much more Management, improving the performance of the brokerage and the quality of service offered to our customers ».

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