AETMA Digital Kit

377 brokers and insurance brokers have already obtained aid worth 1.352.000 euros.

The technological ones integrated in the association AETMA (Codeoscopic, ebroker, Gecose, MPM and SoftQS) highly value the results achieved to date in the development of the program DIGITAL-KIT for the distribution of European NEXT GENERATION funds in the field of insurance brokers in Spain.

In their formal capacity as Digitization Agents, AETMA member technology companies channel KITDIGITAL aid through the digitization bonus that brokers can apply, depending on the offer of each technology, to the promotion and development of projects of the following nature: Management management, BI and analytics, process management, virtual office services, web pages, secure communications and cybersecurity.

Until now, the preferences of the brokers in the application of the funds are distributed as follows:

  • Customer management – ​​53,30%
  • BI and analytics – 10,40%
  • Process management – ​​33,44%
  • Others – 2,90%

From AETMA, runners are reminded that the DIGITAL KIT aid is available until December 31, 2024, and that detailed information can be obtained through technology companies.

“We are very satisfied with the large number of runners who have benefited from the aid to date. The mediation technologies assume our role as backbone entities for its management, and we are committed to materializing these public funds into authentic elements of value that allow the broker to advance in its digitization process. We encourage all runners who have not yet done so to request the digital bonus. The mediation technologists are at your disposal to help you”, declared Higinio Iglesias, president of AETMA.

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