Nº 590 September 10, 2021

ebroker: Request Tracking

ebroker, allows you to generate a task to control pending requests. The task is assigned to one or more specific users of the brokerage and the number of days from which the alarm is activated is established.

In this case, we will create a task to control pending requests that are 15 days old.

  • Degree:: Follow up requests.
  • Description: Generation of tasks to users corresponding to 15 days with the requests that are still pending.
  • Ambit: Policies. 
  • Data filter: Request = Si, Date of registration = @ H15D @ (The registration date was 15 days ago), F. Cancellation =null (In this way we ensure that canceled policies do not intervene.
  • Task type: Internal. Type = Task.
  • Priority: Ordinary.
  •  Associated template: Template of a task with assignment to a specific user and Warning = Yes.
  • Periodicity: Daily
  • destinatario: the user who created the template and the recipient users indicated in it.

 You just have to go to ... 

Interactions> Communications> Alarms