Nº 596 October 22, 2021

ebroker: Premium variation control.

ebroker, allows you to automate the sending of an email to the corresponding users with the list of receipts that have an increase equal to or greater than a certain percentage. In this case, we will configure an internal alarm, of the email type and daily periodicity, which, by means of a "Grouped" type template, reports receipts due within 30 days and with a premium variation percentage equal to or greater than 10% .

The alarm is created in the Receipts module and you must use the following filters:

  • State. P * (We take into account all pending states).
  • Valid since. <= @ DD30D @ (The effective date of the receipt will be within 30 days).
  • Discharge date. @ TODAY @ (The date of registration today to avoid
    repetitions in communications)
  • Variation of premium> = 10%

 You just have to go to ... 

Interactions> Communications> Alarms