602 03 number of December 2021

ebroker: Regularizations-Search Filters.

ebroker, allows you to perform a search within the list of regularizations filtering by managing branch, state, date and managing user:

S. Manager. Policy management branch.


  • Pending Customer Shipment
  • Pending Customer Response
  • Pending shipment Company
  • Pending response Company
  • Supplement created

Date (From-To)

  • If only the date is indicated from, all regularizations from that date to the current date will be displayed.
  • If only the date is indicated but also, all the existing regularizations up to that date will be displayed.
  • If both dates are entered, the list of regularizations between the two dates will be displayed.

U. Manager. Policy manager user.


 You just have to go to ... 

Administration> Management Control> Policies> Regularizations