No. 607 January 21, 2022

ebroker: Load receipts from file.

ebroker, allows you to carry out a massive load of receipts through a text file in CSV format. You can download the template with the file format from the button enabled in the module.

  • File template download button:

  • The file must not contain any rows without content.
  • The file must contain the number of columns defined in the template.

The data reported in the file is integrated into the ebroker following the following flow:

  • In case there is no receipt
    A new receipt is created and inserted from the data reported in the file
  •  If there is a receipt
    An update of the data of that receipt is carried out, based on the information obtained from the line of the file.

 You just have to go to ... 

 Administration > Services with insurers > Operations with Policies > Loading Receipts