No. 710. April 26, 2024

ebroker: Last days for the presentation of the DEC 2023!

We remind you that next week The deadline for submitting the Statistical-Accounting Documentation (DEC) 2023 is over, specifically the day April 30.

En ebroker You have the necessary tools to carry out the telematic presentation of the statistical-accounting information of the brokerage. To do this, you must generate the file from the button Generation of the file for telematic presentation. Once generated, select within the File history for telematic presentation the one corresponding to the exercise for which you present the DEC. In this case, it would be Annual-2023.xml. Then click on Download file so that it is saved on your computer and you can import it into the DGSFP application.

You also have the printing of models in .pdf format in the button Model printing interface.

 You just have to go to ...

Company> Company data> Accounting books-records> Official documentation models