No. 711. May 3, 2024

ebroker: Mass processes > Tasks – Substitute assignment

ebroker, it allows you move tasks from one user to another in bulk.

En Administration > Mass Processes > Tasks, functionality has been added Substitute assignment, where you can change the recipient user for any type of task.

In the upper right part of the screen, you have the magnifying glass icon, where you must search for the tasks to move from one user to another. Once the filters are established, by clicking on Accept All tasks that meet the indicated conditions will appear, and you can mark/unmark all tasks in bulk or individually.

Tras Accept Again, we will return to the initial screen, where the selected tasks will be listed. Here, at the bottom of the module, access the magnifying glass icon in the section Substitute recipient to select the user to assign to the tasks. Once you have located it, double click on the user and, to finish the process, click on Assign Substitute.

Remember! ADMINISTRATOR users have access to this section by default, while other users must have access permissions enabled. Massive processes y Substitute assignment tab Administration of the Rights.

 You just have to go to ...

Administration > Mass Processes > Tasks > Recipient Assignment