No. 714. May 24, 2024

ebroker: Utilities – Tags

ebroker, it allows you associate tags to the records of the main modules.

The new functionality has been incorporated Tags, which allows you to assign values ​​to module registers Clients, Policies, Receipts y Accidents. These labels are registered in Control panel > Profit Share > Tags. After creating the label, within it you can create as many Values as necessary, along with your Description.

To associate a label with a record, you must access its file within the corresponding module and go to the section Tags located at the bottom of the tab Basics.

Remember! ADMINISTRATOR users have access to these sections by default, while other users must have them enabled, in Rights, the permission Tags of the tab Main courses for the visualization of these in each module, as well as the access permission to the Control panel tab Tools to access label creation.

 You just have to go to ...

Control Panel > Utilities > Labels