No. 715. May 31, 2024

ebroker: Policies – Paralyzed Status

ebroker, it allows you paralyze policies.

A new state has been incorporated into the Policies: PARALYZED. To stop a policy, you must select the option Low from the bottom of the module Policies and, in the drop-down menu, select Paralyze policy. A window will open where you can enter the Stoppage date.

By accepting the stoppage, the policy status will automatically change to PARALYZED, although the date of the stoppage is future.

A paralyzed policy can be reactivated accessing Low > Reactivate policy, or canceledat Low > Cancel policy. Both actions will eliminate the previously reported stop date.

To search for paralyzed policies in your system, you can indicate *PARALIZED* in section State or, once the search has been accepted, in the status options that appear to the left of the list of policies, click on Paralyzed.

 You just have to go to ...

Policies > Policies > Cancellations > Paralyze policy