No. 717. June 14, 2024

ebroker: Scheduled Communications (Alarms) – Task Module

ebroker, it allows you create alarms on the module Tasks.

The module has been incorporated Tasks in creating Scheduled Communications (Alarms). This way, you can create automations from this module.

Like the other modules, when selecting Tasks during the creation of the alarm and clicking on the magnifying glass icon, the window will open to enter the task search filters. Once this search is established, you must continue with programming the alarm.

On this module, the types of alarms available are: email, incident, SMS and task. Remember that you must create a template for email alarms in Control panel > Couriers > Email > Templates, and for SMS type in Control panel > Couriers > SMS > SMS Templates.

 You just have to go to ...

Interactions > Scheduled Communications (Alarms)