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Saul Gonzalez
CTO of ebroker

Questionnaire answered by Saul Gonzalez, CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of ebroker, as part of a report on technological trends in the insurance sector. Posted on October 2022 by Very safe.

What do you consider to be the main technological trends that are developing within the insurance sector? At what point are they? (positive aspects and areas for improvement)

The insurance sector has been immersed for some years in a great process of digital transformation, which is making the classic vision of this sector evolve to place it on a path that will lead it towards the cutting edge technology. Concepts such as omnichannel, customization of products and services offered to customers, operational efficiency and data exploitation will undoubtedly be basic pillars in this digital transformation process.

Regarding technological trends, Artificial Intelligence and the Machine Learning will continue to promote the models of Business intelligence technology platforms intended to interact with customers will continue to evolve under the paradigm mobile first and technologies like RPA will continue their advancement and expansion within the sector.

In your specific case, What key practices, procedures and projects are related to technological development and constitute outstanding commitments within your areas of action?

Innovation is within the ebroker's DNA and technological evolution is part of our day to day. My role as CTO is to ensure that the technological solutions that we launch on the market meet the internal standards that we have set in terms of innovation, quality, scalability and security.

We are currently in the process of implementing a work model DevSecOps, which, together with our work methodology agile, will allow us to continue optimizing the areas of development and operations while incorporating a plus of security in all our activities.

Regarding key projects, ebroker is our commitment to the future, a new modular platform born under a focus cloud-native built on cutting-edge technologies such as microservices and front end reagents. The first modules of this platform, like our Marketplace Merlin or our mobility environment eCustomer (web portal + Android and IOS mobile apps aimed at improving communication between the insurance broker and its clients) are the way forward to complete the technological evolution of our ebroker platform.

We are committed to highly qualified high-performance teams that, by combining experience and youth in the right measure, are capable of achieving high levels of innovation, efficiency and productivity.

What role do people play and what do you think their added value is, in a context of unstoppable growth of technology within the insurance market, and in the case of your entity in particular?

People undoubtedly play a crucial role within our business model. We are committed to highly qualified, high-performance teams that, by combining experience and youth in the right measure, are capable of achieving high levels of innovation, efficiency, and productivity.

We have signed collaboration agreements with the University of Oviedo, with training centers close to our facilities and with large platforms eLearning as Open Webinars y PluralSight, all with the aim of providing the people in our organization with an optimal work climate, which allows us to continue betting on the continuous improvement of our skills and which provides us with growth mechanisms based on the incorporation of highly qualified profiles.

All these efforts do nothing more than show our commitment to innovation with the insurance sector and with our clients, the insurance brokers, because our objective is to continue providing cutting-edge technological solutions that allow us to continue being a benchmark in an environment as competitive as the one we live in today.

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