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Adapting to the client's needs, to the rhythm of their activity and resolving them in a timely manner is our cornerstone.

One of the main areas in any company that offers a product or service is after-sales service or customer service, an inseparable concept of the sale, even more so if it is a Technological platform with hundreds of users for whom you have to be prepared and meet their needs optimally. A basic and logical reality in all companies, regardless of size or sector. 

Adapt to the needs of the client, to the rhythm of their activity and solve them in a timely manner, is the cornerstone of those of us who currently lead this field. We work behind the scenes, but carrying out important work that contributes much more than mere "technical support", developing a new vision of professionalized customer service, where you are listened to in a personalized way to have full knowledge of the situation and thus be able to pave the way for you and that it does not become a concern or impediment to your daily activity, but rather a learning opportunity to improve processes in your brokerage. In this sense, we believe that from the intense complexities that arise along the way, great simplicities arise that our team devises to solve them.

We work behind the scenes, but carrying out important work that contributes much more than mere "technical support", developing a new vision of professionalized customer service

the voice of the user

El SAU team (User Service) must give the customer a voice through greater interaction to generate value that can then be transferred to the product factory (IT), having as one of its main objectives the systematic optimization of communication, which will facilitate an agile and accurate process, capturing in each case their feedback which in the end will be what allows us to meet your needs accurately and satisfactorily.

One of the most important aspects in the communication process is listen to what is not normally said and tackle the situation or, even better, get ahead of it, find out what the needs of our clients will be and that they still do not know how to express to us in order to resolve them in a timely manner.

What is not measured cannot be improved

On the other hand, as a key aspect in the structure of any company, the measurement of the satisfaction with customer service It is something to take into account, since what is not measured cannot be improvedTherefore, applying a research procedure and gathering information through surveys, interviews and direct contact are tools that can help us better understand the needs of our users in terms of the service we offer and their vision of the tool. .

A team committed to continuous improvement

To achieve a high level of service, it is essential to be firmly committed to a continuous improvement strategy and have a plan to fulfill it through a knowledge base that helps the team to adapt to different user situations. A group of specialized people with a vocation for service that serve as a direct connection to adapt to the user and solve, form and prepare about the use of the tool and its functionalities as the main objective to achieve the highest efficiency of the insurance broker.

ebroker user attention

It should be noted that the customer service It's not just answering calls, since there are other associated services that are part of the day to day, such as the initial and continuousconsultancy and gathering requirements of the client to generate value in the evolution of our product, taking advantage of that opportunity that the user transfers to us and that in turn we must transfer to the area in charge of evolving the product, thus replicating the continuous improvement transversally in the company.

It is essential to firmly bet on a continuous improvement strategy and have a plan to comply with it through a knowledge base that helps the team to adapt to the different situations of the users.

It is also important to accompany the user so that they can get the most out of the tool, adapting to what they need based on their business model, making available materials that facilitate maximum knowledge of the product, as well as training in the different areas of the platform through access to documentary and audiovisual media, such as videos and online seminars (webinars) at all levels of the service to support the learning process.

We find ourselves in a context of uncertainty and economic pressure in which the insurance broker must be able to count on the best tools to manage his business effectively. efficient and accurate, tools that are accompanied by a customer service ad-hoc, a solution that allows you to continue advancing, boost your business and be increasingly competitive. "Innovation rhymes with conviction", and we are convinced that innovating in quality services materializes in satisfaction and peace of mind for our users.

ebroker user attention

Aaron Bouso
ebroker CXO

👉 Article published in InsuranceNews the March 15 of 2023.

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