CIMA digital signature

TOP He affirms forcefully: «With a firm step and without doubts. The spirit that pervades CIMA is one of collaboration and constant improvement. In CIMA we participate companies, brokers, technology and institutions. This teamwork allows us to evolve and advance in a coordinated way in the connectivity of the sector. Experience tells us that it is a challenge to reach an agreement between entities, brokers and technology companies to continue advancing in a single direction to improve data quality. Although, this is possible thanks to having the government bodies that direct the CIMA platform, (the Commission and the Committee), where all those involved participate and where the steps to follow are worked, agreed and coordinated.

He also adds that the coordination meetings between the presidency of CIMA, Ona Rose, and the new association of mediation technology companies, AETMA, Who chairs Higinio Iglesias (both in the picture).

In the words of Rosa de Oña: “We have made great achievements and progress, and we will continue working together to achieve the objectives that we have set for ourselves this 2023, including achieving 1.700 runners on the Conectados platform. The CIMA project is fully consolidated in the market and we are very satisfied with the results we are obtaining”.

“AETMA was born as an associative initiative for global cooperation for dialogue and sector representation, based on the values ​​of dialogue, consensus, progress and the modernization of professional insurance mediation through technology. We support and support the EAIC/CIMA project because it is a essential initiative for a future based on efficient relationships between insurers and brokers. Mediation technologies have an important role as the backbone of this efficiency model”, highlighted Higinio Iglesias.

CIMA's main projects for 2023 are:

  • Increase the number of mediators that use CIMA as a platform for exchanging information.
  • Continue to improve the quality and quantity of information exchanged.
  • La bidirectionality in receipts and settlements, where the broker can send communications to insurers through CIMA.
  • The digital signature or Digital policy middleware It is another of the key projects of this 2023 where we seek to standardize the signing process and involve the mediator and all the participants (insurers and technology companies) in the process.

Digital Signature Pilot Program

Regarding the digital signature, CIMA is already working together with three insurers and two technology companies designated by AETMA, ebroker and MPM, to participate in the pilot that will test the solution. We are starting right now in June and we want to deploy it by sector in the last quarter of 2023.

According to Rosa de Oña, a differentiating point of the solution that is being worked on with respect to the current systems of the entities is the integration of the corridor and the use of management programs in the process.

In the words of Higinio Iglesias: "We are aware of the important role played by different ERP systems of brokers in all connectivity processes with insurers. This is accentuated in a very special way in a project whose objective is to exchange and share information for the signing and formalization of insurance contracts. Technology companies are committed so that all this data transit between insurers and brokers through our ERPs is carried out efficiently and in accordance with the established interests and specifications. We work to find simple solutions for runners”

Rosa de Oña concludes: “La digital signature is a guarantee for compliance with basic standards in terms of regulations, solvency and security. It is something necessary in the sector that will help all those involved to create an environment of greater security and trust. The participation of all is essential to guarantee its success and implementation.”

The CIMA project is unique in Europe and is an example of collaboration that allows us to be at the forefront in terms of connectivity in the insurance sector.