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Aaron Bouso, Engineer of ebroker projects, Alexander of the Cross, responsible for B2C Alliances at TotalEnergies and Jesús Martín, national director of Face-to-Face Channels & B2C Alliances at TotalEnergies, talk about the value of the insurance broker as an energy marketer. Posted on December 2022 by InsuranceNews.

Total Energy

Why do you think the insurance broker can be a good distributor of your energy products?

From TotalEnergies we are convinced that the insurance broker can be a magnificent fellow traveler in distribution of our products for various reasons. Among them, for his professionalism, for the trust he generates among his clients, for his closeness and, above all, for the personalized advice he provides them.

What kind of training does a broker need to market his products?

Regulated training is not necessary for the commercialization of energy products, as happens in the insurance sector. Logically, a basic knowledge of the energy sector, invoices and products is needed. But it is a simple training provided by TotalEnergies at all times, both at the beginning of the activity and with continuous training depending on the needs of the runner.

At a time of energy crisis like the current one and price rises, do you think it is a good time for the broker to start in this field?

In fact, as you say, we are experiencing a time of uncertainty and price volatility in the energy sector, which is making customers more interested in this issue. For this reason, this situation opens up a good opportunity for the broker to enter the world of energy by advising clients on this matter, providing the information they need.

At the broker, we value your professionalism; confidence that he generates; closeness and, above all, the personalized advice provided by

Your energy products come from clean energy. Do you think that the Spanish user already values ​​this circumstance when choosing their energy provider?

As I have commented before, the energy sector has never before been a subject that aroused much interest among users, since it was a very stable sector. However, this change in trend has made citizens look more at the price. It has also increased society's awareness and commitment to environmental matters.

SMEs are suffering a lot from the energy crisis. How can this agreement help to improve their situation?

It is clear that the costs of supplies are a very important item that directly affects the activity of commerce and companies. With this agreement, our objective is to provide this group with a competitive proposal that can contribute to saving these costs and, at the same time, to the transition towards a more sustainable and responsible energy consumption, with very interesting proposals such as self-consumption.

What does ebroker and Merlin contribute to this agreement?

ebroker, through its platform Marline, puts technology at the service of the broker to ensure that the marketing and contracting of products by the network is carried out in a centralized, simple way and above all integrated into the same tool that they use on a daily basis. This is undoubtedly a differentiating element that makes this agreement add value to the broker and help them diversify their traditional business.


Why the distribution of energy products can be an interesting source of diversification of the broker's business?

Because it is a topic of interest and of great importance to its clients and, as such, a matter to which solutions can be provided from the relationship of trust on which the professional value of the broker is based, whose ultimate goal is to offer the best alternatives that satisfy the aspirations and interests of its clients, always thinking about their personal circumstances. Also because it increases the business possibilities and the benefits of the broker, bringing the client closer to the branch as it is a complementary product to the usual, on a daily basis.

How do these new products build customer loyalty with the broker?

The main activity of the insurance broker is to advise their clients by offering them the best insurance solutions, so a good service is key to achieving their rapprochement and loyalty. The implementation and offer of other types of products and services, allows the broker to go beyond offering the best insurance solutions, through comprehensive assistance provided to its clients, unifying the management of different products thanks to the same figure of professional advice.

How are runners receiving this new offer?

We are very well received, in just one month the adhesion of approximately 15% of our network has been formalized and another 10% have started the procedures, which has allowed us to quote a high number of invoices, obtaining an improvement of more than 95 % of them, which is one of the intrinsic values ​​of this project, thanks to the great commitment of TotalEnergies. The broker perceives it as a strategic step that allows them to grow as a company, broaden their mission and get a little closer to consumers as professionals, in short, improve their profitability and competitiveness.

In barely a month, 15% of our network have formalized their adhesion and another 10% have started the procedures

How is the technological development that ebroker brings to this agreement?

ebroker is committed to diversification. Strategy based on technology through its Merlin platform, a tool that has been designed to help brokers not only sell more, but also sell better, efficiently, professionally and sustainably. An intelligent and intuitive environment, integrated by a complete commercial process in which the energy products have been integrated with a usability model identical to the one existing for the commercialization of insurance products.

Has sustainability been a strategic point in achieving this agreement?

In this sense, we are fully aligned with the #CorredorGreen initiative promoted by Fecor, a group in which we participate within the support group, and which represents our commitment to be facilitators of solutions for the corridor, making them an active protagonist in the face of the challenges that raises sustainability. The choice of TotalEnergies as a strategic ally is not by chance, since it is a corporation firmly aligned with the objectives of Sustainable Development worldwide. Proof of this, its goal of zero net emissions for the year 2050.

What other products could be part of Merlin in the future?

ebroker focuses its value proposition on optimizing the business of its community of brokers, providing complementary tools and services to day-to-day work, with the main objective of increasing profitability and competitiveness. Consequently, any service and/or product that helps to achieve the objective and maintains this philosophy will be eligible to be incorporated into the Merlin portfolio.

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