«We know that Health is a strategic branch in the daily operations of our brokers. According to sector data, health has been on an upward trend since the pandemic, making it the branch that is growing the most, both in premiums and policyholders, reaching a higher weight in total insurance of 16%, and placing its growth between 6%. and 6,5% by 2024." notes Helena Iglesias, director of Sectoral Connectivity at ebroker. With this alliance «We corroborate our strategy of continuing to strengthen Merlín with new companies, new products of value for the broker and bringing our community of users closer to the main insurers in the market, materializing it through collaboration agreements such as this one with DKV, a benchmark and highly valued entity in the runners channel

And ebroker is positioned as a strong candidate to promote the issuance of Health policies through Marline, after an extraordinary month of April for Cars, Home and Life. The agreement reached with the insurance company DKV It serves as a starting point for the incorporation of your Health product into the multi-tariff, as well as the development of management connectivity between the users of the platform and the company through CIMA.

At Jordi Rubio, National Manager of the DKV Corridor Network, “The agreement will not only help make our commercial offer more visible and facilitate the distribution of the Health branch, but it will also provide greater effectiveness and efficiency in the administrative management of the ebroker corridor, due to the greater ease in downloading the files. EIAC through the CIMA platform.” In addition, he highlighted that “At Merlín we position ourselves as the first health specialist company to be able to rate and contract 10 of the most appreciated individual Health modalities on the market, thus helping to optimize the work of the more than 700 ebroker brokers. This agreement has a clear objective, to save time for the broker, from which we are sure they will benefit commercially and administratively. “We are convinced that it will be a great step forward in the connectivity project of both entities.”

With the addition of DKV, one of the leading companies specializing in medical and health insurance, there are now 40 companies present on the platform, which continues with its strategy of having a wide range of insurers in the ebroker suiteIncluding new bouquets that complement the wide range available of Autos, Home, Life and Funerals, to which Health will be added with DKV and which will be strengthened during this year with more companies in the branches of Funerals, Life, Card Withdrawal Subsidy, Assistance in Travel and Legal Protection of Cars. In this sense, Merlín user brokers have confirmed during the month of April their confidence and good functioning of the multi-tariff, breaking historical issuance records.