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ebroker insurance brokers announces important evolution in operating structure as a result of organizational innovation in post-covid transition.

The significant growth of the ebroker insurance brokers technology platform, as well as the new challenges of its 2021-2022 strategic plan, have motivated an important incorporation of means and resources, as well as a significant restructuring of areas.

The incorporation of high-level profiles in critical areas such as project and process engineering, software development architecture and advanced user services, will provide the technology with a greater capacity to optimally tackle new projects in the short, medium and long term. An example of this is the launch in December of a new and innovative multitarification system, as well as the data analytics environment SEGDATA, a knowledge management system based on Big Data that ebroker makes available exclusively to its broker community.

Within the organizational sphere itself, it is worth highlighting the creation of the project and process engineering area, which will be in charge of coordinating the different operational areas, managing specifications, scopes, execution times and developing internal dynamics of continuous improvement. Likewise, the creation of the software architecture and technological transition department will lead the evolution of ebroker as a trusted partner of the insurance broker towards its version 10.0.

Talent management is another essential area in ebroker's new strategic vision. The agreement with the University of Oviedo to launch the ebroker Chair within the framework of its School of Computer Engineering is the clear exponent of it. The recruitment and retention of talent includes, among others, activities such as conferences given by members of the ebroker team in master's and undergraduate courses, as well as internships and career plans at the ebroker Center for the most outstanding engineering students.

Higinio Iglesias, CEO of ebroker, stated: "We face the new time of necessary evolution with passion, motivation and enthusiasm, convinced that there is no better future for ebroker than to be next to the insurance broker to help him build yours"