ebroker is more than software

It is a comprehensive solution for insurance brokerages that reduces administrative burdens and releases commercial capacities contributing efficiency, competitiveness and active policies of customer loyalty.

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ebroker, a complete environment of functionalities and services.

Specialized in Insurance

ERP (Business Management System)

Connected to the Sector


360º Services

A specialized solution for insurance

ebroker is an ERP (business management system) highly specialized in the insurance distribution activity (in particular, brokers and risk management units) that under a user environment 100% web contemplates the usual business operations in this type of companies, such as financial management, insurance contract management, claims handling, operations with premium receipts, customer relations (CRM), transverse document management, integrated messaging, processes in workflows, mobility resources (APPs), Business intelligence (BI) through KPIs, dashboards and intelligent customer segmentation, among others.

Connected to the sector

The connectivity ebroker automates and integrates business processes with insurance companies, both in the field of commercial operations for the offer and contracting of policies (multi-tariff) and in the two-way exchange of information related to policies, receipts and claims. It implements the sectoral standardization of data exchange under the EIAC industry standard .

Environment of Multitarification B2B agile and dynamic aimed at obtaining a fast comparative offer and the subsequent subscription of the policy in a single tool.

Environment of B2C pricing for the development of projects marketing projects through the internet and the implementation of supply intranets for distribution through commercial networks.


We connect insurers and distributors in a marketplace environment of insurance products fully integrated into the ERP operations that drives, encourages and favors commercial relationsfor the offer and contracting of insurance among a collective of more than 600 brokers of insurance-ebroker users and insurance entities.


ebroker it's more what software, also we bring value in the professional field through special services in different áareasboth business operation with la EMAIL INTEGRATION y consulting services and TRAINING asociados, and integration with other techno systemslogical of las companies through WEBSERVICES which guarantee technological independence to our customers.

The most qualified and committed team with the client. Insurance Broker DNA.

A solution for every need

Available in different versions, all of them in a web environment. Choose the option that best suits your company.

web software insurance brokers

ebroker cloud

Connect and go. Forget about hardware, backups, electricity consumption, ... Cloud Computing, the future is the cloud.


Turnkey solution with all the functionalities and local infrastructure.

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