Little by little, the digitalization It is facilitating the day to day of people in all areas, in the domestic, social, professional, more and more we are leaving behind the analogical, the obsolete in the automation of tasks, in the analysis of information, or in the management of documents and the actions related to them, such as the simple collected from a signature.

The mobility that technology brings us, on the other hand, now allows us to carry out many activities without having to put ourselves in front of a computer or a person. On our mobile devices we have a tool that we can also use to carry out banking operations, make online purchases or sign an insurance contract, from a distance, anywhere.

The combination of both concepts, digitalization y mobility, gives rise to the development of tools that cover new service needs through technology and efficiency.

The advantages of the electronic signature

For an insurance broker, part of his day to day is the handling a large amount of documentation, contracts, policies, receipts, claims... and a good part of these documents require a management of collecting the client's signature.

The advantages of having the right tool to collect electronic signatures are many, since it turns a tedious process that requires personal contact into an positive experience for both the insurance broker and his client:

  • Reduction of administrative burdens
  • Reduction of costs associated with the legal management of documents and signatures
  • Reduction of the risk of misplacement or loss of documentation
  • Saving time in obtaining the signed documentation thanks to the automation of the workflow
  • paper savings
  • Facilitates monitoring of the process
  • Improves the service and experience for the new digital client, minimizing management time
  • Process guarantee through a qualified trusted electronic service provider
  • Automatic integration of evidence into the system.

More efficiency with the integration of the Electronic Signature process

The Electronic Signature must be supported by a system that allows insurance brokers to collect the signature related to contractual documentation in an simple, telematic and integrated, avoiding its physical handling and with the same validity as a handwritten signature on paper, but also to facilitate its subsequent management.

Although, one of the characteristics that contributes the most value is that it can be carried out in any document that is in the management of the broker and is integrated through a simple and legally binding process, providing efficiency and allowing the user to send and maintain full control of documents to formalize. It is also important that the system automatically links the signer and the document in a unique way, so that any subsequent changes to the data are detectable and recorded in the ERP.

Thinking about the customer experience

Today it is already an imperative need for any professional speed up the processes in which the client must intervene, and in the electronic signature process on your part it must not be different, it must result in a positive customer experience.

The systems efficient and safe of electronic signature give the possibility to the client to carry out the signature through a PIN code by means of SMS (like the one that we all commonly use today to manage banking operations), in addition to allowing the signing of one or more signatories in simultaneous mode or established order and several documents in a single process, optimizing time and customer experience.

En este sentido, ebroker allows the insurance broker to manage the electronic signature of documents through an efficient system that, through strategic collaboration with and his system Click&Sign, has managed to address this broker's need with guarantees with the experience of a trusted third party as a strategic partner.

The market changes, customers change, and products change. digital transformation advances and it will be necessary to take it into account in a hybrid care context so as not to be left behind in the sector and offer a experience according to the demands of the digital customer.