CRM for insurance brokers: The client is the most important

In ebroker, we have combined the latest technology with a CRM strategy for insurance brokers, focused on the relationship with the customer, resulting in the Commercial Management module, where you can:

  • Collect information from your clients in a centralized way, to have a broad knowledge of them and their preferences, this facilitates better access to data and greater efficiency in its management.
  • Segment the clients, which allows you to detect their needs and to offer a customized and adapted service.
  • Planning of the actions to be carried out, with automatic and immediate synchronization of the interactions and system agenda.
  • Set marketing objectives for decision making. This will directly affect greater profitability in this type of commercial actions.
  • Monitoring of the objectives set through statistics and reports.
  • Creation of specific campaigns for each client or group of clients, with identification and administration of these groups in order to increase sales, determining their type and the moment of realization.
  • Creation of business opportunities offering complementary products to those already hired, through the realization of budgets, product of a comparative offer.
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All the features of this functionality can be found in the "ebroker CRM" user manual. Here we show you screens related to campaigns, business opportunities, projects and customer segmentation.