Event Manager

We turn easy what is difficult

ebroker has implemented the Event Manager, an intelligent system to facilitate the daily management of your insurance brokerage, present in the main modules of the application: customers, policies, receipts, claims, projects and documentation.

Based on the criteria you indicate, you will be able to generate notifications and program alarms that are repeated over time. Thus, in the event of a certain event (such as the registration of a client) you can automatically carry out different interactions (send email, sms, tweet, create tasks and incidents), being able to execute them in a massive and totally automatic way.

The use of the event manager implies:

  • Simple and intuitive programming of internal activities of the brokerage, as well as communications to the outside.
  • Efficient work management.
  • Unattended and automatic processes and events systems.
  • Generation of massive processes.
  • Improvement of customer service.
  • Systematic controls in critical points of the application.

Thanks to the event manager you will save time since you will execute certain processes of the brokerage, which previously had to be done manually, automatically and unassisted. You can decide which notification is generated, when it should be executed, which assumptions should be executed and who are the recipients, all by means of a simple programming of the events.

ebroker Event Manager