Highly specialized

Adapted to the needs of your brokerage

Parameterizable environment

  • Control panel that allows the configuration and personalization of the system: means of payment, preconfigured templates (multitarification, office automation, mail ...), listings, email accounts, logo ...
  • Access of users with creation of complex structures at the organizational and commercial level, by defining role profiles, which control both access and business operations of the brokerage.

Audited and certified according to the regulations on Data Protection.

Full cycle of the policy

  • Customer management, insurance contracts and after-sales services (receipts and claims).
  • Multimodule operation with accessibility and navigation between them.
  • Intuitive data capture forms, with the information organized from the corridor's perspective.
  • Cross-sectional document management in the critical points of the application, admitting different types of formats (image, pdf, video, email ...) for later searching, viewing or sending.
  • Reporting by combining search criteria with the selection of different fields.

Specialized management according to the type of risk

  • Identification of regularizable and floating with definition of capital tables, control of expirations and automatic generation of communications.
  • Identification of groups of both people and vehicles, individuals and groups with management of registrations and cancellations, certificates, control of coverage ...
  • Coinsurance table definition.
  • Forms of data capture according to policy typology.

Management and control of team work and communications

  • Record of actions to be carried out through tasks, as well as their follow-ups through incidents and work diaries.
  • Association of tasks and incidents.
  • Assignment of tasks to other users and execution control.
  • Unified display of all interactions.
  • Sending and receiving emails in an integrated way with Outlook, association with business elements and storage in document management.
  • Sending SMS, Twitter, push messages ...

Business control

  • Control functionalities of the main aspects of business such as pre-portfolio and receipt of portfolio, amounts to be settled to companies, invoiced commissions, pending requests ...
  • Information visualization through different types of filters: branches, dates, companies, clients ...
  • Extraction of information in different formats: pdf, excel, csv ...