Unique operating environment

Today and within the omnichannel strategy of any company, including insurance brokerages, email is one of the key tools for the management, communication and day-to-day running of the business. Companies, commercial networks, clients, professionals, collaborators, professional organizations, among others, are permanently in the flow of our daily interaction through this strategic communication resource.

The activity in the management of an insurance brokerage is nothing more than the coexistence of computer tools and office resources, and for this reason we have always been clear and have been in our intention, to ensure that this coexistence adds an integration climate that contribute efficiency and productivity to the activity of work teams in their daily use.


  • Integration to send and receive emails

    Manage emails in the same work environment without opening the Outlook application or other windows.

  • Association of emails with business elements

    Organize them through association with the different modules: Clients, Candidates, Companies, Commercial Entities, Policies, Receipts, Claims and Projects.

  • Storage in the Document Manager 

    It allows you to integrate the received emails into the document manager of the platform, saving them in the corresponding folder of the business element to which you have associated it.

Why Office 365?

At ebroker we have made a selection of the aspects of Outlook that we consider important and very useful to integrate into the platform. The fact of incorporating office automation into your work environment and its integration in the ERP business elements, makes the efficiency of the brokerage increase considerably, becoming a key functionality within our 360 Services.

These are some of the reasons why we have chosen Office 365:

  • Microsoft It is a solid company with unquestionable solvency.
  • Your mail system Outlook It is widely known and recognized.
  • High knowledge of the functionalities of Office 365 By the users.

What benefits do you get?

Avoid opening other applications or programs

Organize your emails into folders according to association

Access emails crosswise in the system

Increase the efficiency of your brokerage