Management Connectivity


Only way to efficiency

At ebroker we understand that the integration of business processes between insurers and insurance brokers is an essential aspect to achieve optimal quotas of efficiency and competitiveness. Since 2005 we have been betting on a permanent evolution of ebroker in the field of connectivity, a connectivity based on technological cooperation with insurers and on the promotion and implementation of the EIAC standard.

Sector standardization

ebroker implements different sets of specifications, which, under the EIAC standard, provide connectivity for administrative processes associated with the management and treatment of policies, receipts and claims, running automatically and integrated with the insurers' computer systems.

Below you will see the Companies with which we exchange information on policies, receipts or claims. We have distinguished between those that do it directly from the insurer itself (EIAC) and those that do it through the platform TOP (EIAC/CIMA).

The main insurers in the market have available
your management connectivity through ebroker: