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eSchool is a new dimension of training services aimed at raising awareness of your brokerage by supporting you in processes and functionalities that you can implement to contribute to the digital transformation of your business.

Surely you have asked yourself some of these questions:

  • Can I get more use out of the tool?

  • In what percentage am I using ebroker?

  • Could you optimize processes and be more efficient by having a better knowledge of the functionalities?

  • To what extent am I using it properly? Can I improve its use?

  • Do I have evolution plans in ebroker through training?

eSchool helps you

We have prepared a set of solutions that will answer these questions and your training needs.


  • Expert advice.
  • Adapted to your needs.
  • Extensive training catalogue.
  • Online courses.
  • Flexibility of time and content.
  • Individualized training.
  • Training for small groups (webinars).


  • Training packs with the most demanded options.
  • Webinars on specific topics of general interest.
  • Consultancies to review the needs of your brokerage.


  • Knowledge.
  • Maximum exploitation of the tool.
  • Greater profitability in the business.
  • Personal satisfaction.
  • Business evolution.


Because training is not a game!

  1. Analysis and diagnosis of your needs.
  2. Training proposal based on a wide range of training offers.
  3. Delivery of training.
  4. Evaluation, certification and monitoring.

Ask us for information about the possibility of subsidizing your training through FUNDAE



Discover ebroker!

You will know the necessary steps to start working; You will configure the system according to the needs of your brokerage and you will be able to take advantage of the functionalities that you will use in your day to day, thus reducing the time dedicated to administrative tasks.
Squeeze all the juice out of your new system!

Familiarize yourself with the management system of your brokerage!

You will know the necessary steps to start working, as well as the connectivity processes with the insurers that you will use in your day to day and will allow you to reduce time dedicated to administrative tasks.
Everything you need to start working!


Automate actions that are repeated over time!

Use the event manager efficiently by programming and automating repetitive actions that are not the core of your business.

Integration and data update in real time!

Automatically integrates policy movements, receipts and claims. Learn to interpret the notices, differentiating the merely informative ones from those that require decisive actions on your part.

Configure and manage your commercial entities!

Organize in a hierarchical way and control the commissioning of your network of commercial entities.

Manage and control your portfolio!

Manage your portfolio with meticulous control of the different situations of the receipts, as well as billing and control of commissions by carrying out settlements.

Save time in your business processes!

Learn to successfully conclude your commercial processes (pricing / issuance), as well as to interpret the notices, differentiating those that are merely informative from those that require active actions on your part.

Detect new business opportunities!

Carry out campaigns and detect opportunities that will allow you to direct your clients with a commercial offer aimed at growing your business.

Explore the data and turn information into knowledge! (YO)

Analyze and interpret the information contained in your system and convert it into knowledge that enhances your decision-making.

Explore the data and turn information into knowledge! (II)

Analyze and interpret the information contained in your system and convert it into knowledge that enhances your decision-making. Create your own dashboards and exploit the data. With BI PRO become a PRO user.

Communicate omnichannel!

Take advantage of all communication channels with your customers in an integrated way: App, SMS, Office365...

One more step in the digitization of your brokerage!

Collect the signature related to contractual documentation present on the platform, in a simple, electronic and integrated way.

Evaluate the financial results of your brokerage!

Find out what information you must provide to the system so that it can automatically manage your business accounting.

Get ready to work!

We review the configuration that you have made of the system and we detect points to improve in order to get you to get the most out of it. If you are starting, we guide you to meet the needs of your business.



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