Your business in your pocket

ebroker mobile is a mobile APP that allows the ebroker user insurance broker to access relevant information about their business.

Easily access relevant information about your business

Ebroker mobile allows you to carry out a large number of daily tasks for your business just by having the app downloaded to your mobile.

  • View information, in real time, through dashboards.

  • Manage candidates and clients, policies, receipts and claims.

  • Control and manage the task agenda.

  • Access the help lines of the different insurance companies.

Interact with your customers

Ebroker mobile allows you to share documents or support numbers with your clients through email, WhatsApp or another application that you have installed on your phone. You can also contact us from the client's file via email, call or WhatsApp.

Direct contact with our Customer Service

If you need to ask us any questions, from the app itself you can contact our Customer Service directly by call or email.

What I earn as a broker

APP Mi Corredor

Immediate access to information

APP Mi Corredor

Better business control

APP Mi Corredor

Service capacity

APP Mi Corredor

Closer to your clients