Much more than a multitarifier

Merlin is a smart and intuitive environment integrated by a complete commercial process and surrounded by different tools and information analytics that aims to cover the commercial needs of the insurance broker in a way efficient and professional.

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Obtain offer

Offer Analysis

product analysis


environment adaptability

Offer obtaining process

  • Dynamic forms from data insertion.
  • Selection of multiple connections by insurer in a single pricing process.
  • Application of multiple discounts and coverage and capital customizations in a single pricing.
  • Visualization of broker channel premium analytics on a quarterly basis.

Offer Analysis

  • Price comparison with a wide range of filters to define the offer.
  • Enrichment of the offer with complementary insurance products.
  • Different price display options.
  • Rate and consult different criteria of the offers generated during the process through to be.

product analysis

  • Comparison of products and their coverage at different levels through extra.
  • Personalized design of the offer.
  • Sending and printing of offer for the client.

Issuance process

  • Automatic generation of policy and contractual documentation.
  • Sending of particular conditions by email.
  • Total integration in ebroker operations.
  • Valuation of the selected final offer.

Environment adaptability options

  • Creation of marketing structures through sub-entities, hierarchies and users.
  • User roles according to functional typology.
  • Custom form templates for data collection optimization.

Marketing support services

Make a analysis and comparison of the priced products and their coverage at different levels to recommend the best option to your client.

Meet the ratings that our community of users has made about the products and benefit from their experience

Merlin gives you a Issuance Support Service through which we help you to set up the multi-pricing environment and we will guide you in the first pricing and emissions.