What is Merlin?

It is a tool that has been designed to help the corridor not only to sell more, but to sell betterIn order Management,  professional and grounded, since it provides a accurate insurance vision through its functionalities and services.

An environment intelligent e intuitive, made up of a complete business process and surrounded by different tools and information analytics that aims to cover the commercial needs of the insurance broker in a way Management y Experience.

Why is Merlin an innovative and disruptive tool in the current conception of multi-pricing systems?

It has been conceived as a smart tool to support the work of the professional and their commercial work, with the aim of increasing their business results.

Carry the user experience (UX) to another level through a comprehensive, easy-to-use interface that shortens the time it takes to obtain an offer and subsequent policy.

It has a set of functionalities designed specifically for streamline the flow of sales and that decision-making in the prescription of a product is easier, more efficient and faster.

It deals with price comparison from a global perspective and exploiting the potential of the Big Data and Business Intelligence (BI) adding value to the professional.

Guarantee your portability and operational in different usage device scenarios (PCs, tablets, smartphones) providing mobility and versatility.

provide a User Interface (UI), which allows full integration with the ERP ebroker.

A stable solution housed in the cloud that allows its exploitation without facilities being a web environment, with access through any device with a browser and internet connection.

The power of the insurance broker