CIMA platform

Yesterday there was an important informative webinar on TOP, Platform of TIREA which supposes a centralized information exchange environment between insurers and insurance brokers through the EIAC standard, the result of years of work and investment in the sector.

Our CEO Higinio Iglesias, was part of the round table with other technology companies in the sector, who have also participated in the development and now implementation of the CIMA platform in mediation.

These are some of the ideas that our CEO has developed in his speech, where he has valued the project:

"The launch of CIMA is a good time to reflect on some sectoral issues and strengthen our commitment to this challenge of making the day-to-day life of insurance brokers more efficient."

"We must assess what has been achieved so far with the efforts of brokers, insurers, technology companies and mediation entities, an effort that has allowed us to advance in business relationships based on efficiency and productivity."

Past, present and future

Higinio Iglesias recalled the active participation of ebroker in sectorial connectivity projects since the first steps of their development, positively valued the current situation of the project and the ease for the corridor and spoke about the future of the EIAC and the CIMA platform:

"Already in December 2005, we signed the adhesion to SIAC, a project led by TIREA and to which we registered 48 of our user insurance brokers"

“In addition to having the EIAC standard, we now have an efficient way of operating it through the CIMA platform in which there are projects around it with the future in mind, that is why we must consolidate and advance with more insurers, adhered brokers to the platform and more associated services, evolving to a much more standard EIAC standard. "

On the steps for the implementation of CIMA of insurance brokers, Higinio Iglesias highlighted:

"CIMA is not an inconvenience, on the contrary, all that is required is to disconnect the service from the insurers and connect CIMA, the important thing is that the insurance broker does not have to worry since as technology companies we must take care of it.

From our perspective as a technology, CIMA's challenges are written with “F"Of Ease for the insurance broker who does not have to worry about its implementation; "C"Of Engagement of a sector working together, and “P"Of Progress and future of it ”.

Project challenges

To close his speech, our CEO indicated which are the challenges of the project to be addressed for the future and which will mean more advantages for the corridors integrated in this platform:

  • Ensure that the enjoyment and use of services based on the standard is as transparent as possible to the brokers that use the technology.
  • Eliminate as many administrative and bureaucratic barriers as possible in the implementation of services based on the standard.
  • Have a vision of policies, receipts and claims with precision in the details to offer a better service to customers.
  • Facilitate the receipt of the portfolio and supplements in a timely manner.
  • Have global multitarification services that promote free competition and plurality in the market.
  • Have a real bidirectionality in the daily workflow of brokers and insurers to avoid inefficiency and free up administrative resources.
  • Bring the data analysis to the strategic interest of the insurance broker through knowledge management.