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If there is a successful company, it is because someone, once, made a courageous decision. That time, it was a spring of 1979, when Joaquín Moné dared to set up his own portfolio of clients. It was not easy, in those years, for a Mapfre employee to find a place in the vortex of the insurance sector as a "free agent". But, his bravery and effort had a reward.

Moné took a risk and started a prosperous business from scratch, he worked hard to get it. For ten years, he worked for seven days a week, where he worked between Zaragoza and Alcañiz, (his hometown). His family remembers how at that time he always came home with "policies under his arm".

It was at the beginning of the 90 years when Joaquín founded the Insurance Brokerage. The Moné treasure a portfolio of their own customers, who have been taking care and pampering from scratch, without acquiring portfolios of other brokers.

Currently, thirteen professionals are part of Moné's workforce; except Joaquin father, all have between 25 and 45 years.

The business is experiencing a formidable moment, in full technological development. Its founder, Joaquín Moné, continues to lead the management, although now he heads with the support of his two sons, Joaquín and Gonzalo.

The Moné brokerage is an example of a family company, fighter, persevering and brave. With a history in the sector of more than three decades of history, the brokerage is positioned as a leading company capable of renewing and reinventing itself with the times, to meet the new needs of customers and provide excellent service. His last bet, in this sense, has been to implement ebroker as management software.

We conducted a market study of management software for insurance brokerages and, of all, we opted for ebroker, because it is a very complete program, it is a great management program with an incredible capacity that allows you to work wherever you are with technology more advanced.

The year 2016 is marked in the history of brokerage, "It is the year of technological leap with our acquisition of ebroker as a technology provider, an operation that reflects our commitment to technology, in order to provide a professional service and in line with the it was in which we are immersed and to which we have to join, to give a real and professional service to the client "Moné emphasizes.

For the Monè, joining ebroker has meant "modernizing to meet the current needs of customers, in this technological reality that we live in and in which everything is controlled from our pocket through the mobile phone. Our main objective is to be pioneers in technology and customer service. "

With clear ideas, the Moné generation seeks to evolve towards a future with all the professionalism and with deep-seated partnerships such as the one signed with ebroker as its technological provider. The future expectations are optimistic with projects and initiatives that have as purpose to give a personalized and professional attention to the clients. The Moné series is an example of professional mediators, they are pure lineage of runners.

More than three decades of history

Gonzalo Moné, Joaquín Moné father and Joaquín Moné son

Joaquín Moné began his career as a mediator in 1979. As a free agent, he worked for more than a decade until he managed to open his own brokerage in the early XNUMXs. Thus, as a result of effort and work, Joaquín Moné Correduría de Seguros was born, on Alfonso I street in Zaragoza (Aragon).

Three decades later, the business is living its best moment and moving forward to improve and offer "the best experience and customer service". Currently the template is led by the founder of the business Joaquin Moné, tucked into the management by his two sons, Gonzalo and Joaquín. They are a family business with all that this means: an affable and close treatment define the service of the Moné business. Gonzalo Moné, the youngest of the saga, analyzes and reviews for Protagonistas, the history, trajectory and future of the family brokerage and the insurance sector.

What words would you choose to define the past, present and future of the sector?

The past of the sector has been to become aware of the insurance need, of a work of hard workers, who little by little have been creating their portfolios of clients, and who, to this day, see themselves / we are threatened by new actors in the sector.

The future is to offer a differential service to the client, so that he himself values ​​the figure of the mediator.

It is very different for a client to manage their insurance and defend themselves only before the company or that has a broker with weight in the insurer to be able to make the appropriate pressure when necessary. All this, accompanied by a technological evolution to offer customers what they demand: an easy and transparent management of their policies, and not an "abandonment" of the mediator after the issuance of the policy.

What challenges do you think therefore the insurance broker faces?

We must be clear about our value proposition in the face of the competition that has come and will come to the sector. If you do not offer anything different, a client will opt more easily for contracting their policies with an online company or with their bank, which will do the most commercial work. For all this we must differentiate ourselves with our own services such as having a better customer service schedule, easy access to their policies, receipts and claims. An autonomous and simple system without needing to ask for access to the mediator. Active management of the client portfolio, with adjustments of premium increases, improvements in policies, new guarantees and give a good and professional service to guarantee the best customer experience.

More than twenty years as the official brokerage of the Zaragoza Bar Association

The specialty of the Moné broker is the legal services. For 20 years is the official brokerage of the Bar Association of Zaragoza and have specific products. Among others, they have an unemployment insurance with special and unique rates at national level and with the leading company in temporary disability insurance in Spain.

Exclusive savings and investment service as an alternative to banks

In January of 2016, the brokerage created the Department of Savings and Investment. A pioneering initiative in the sector driven "in view of the clear need that people have for investment alternatives to those offered by banks", explains Gonzalo Moné. The most common practice is to deposit the savings and investment to the banking corporations. But Moné is committed to decentralizing this practice, especially for people who trust all their savings. Hence, the brokerage created this department led by a professional with experience in the banking sector and to offer customers varied financial products with the endorsement of companies "that are more solvent than banks," Moné defends.

Moné and technology

Currently thirteen professionals are part of the Moné staff, except for Joaquín Sr., all of them have 25 and 45 years. The brokerage serves 4.000 clients among individuals, freelancers and companies. In the brokerage, annual figures are managed, such as the management of more than 8.000 policies that are organized according to the four departments that structure the business. The Department of Administration and Accounting, the Commercial Department, the Claims Department and the Savings and Investment Department. Managing all this activity would be unthinkable without solid technological support.

Why ebroker as management software?

We chose ebroker after conducting a market study among management software for insurance brokers and all of them, we opted for ebroker. One of the fundamental reasons was the ability of ebroker to respond to our need to digitize to meet the new realities of customers, to organize and communicate better, ultimately, evolve and provide better services.

ebroker is a great management software, the fact that it is a web environment is an incredible improvement for the operations of the brokerage.

Ebroker technology facilitates our daily work, gives us professional value by being able to communicate with our clients and serve them through the different channels offered by cutting-edge ebroker technology through its management tools. For us it has been an excellent change in our internal organization as a brokerage since ebroker allows us to set alarms, notifications, control the activity and perform all the necessary tasks in a simple way. Because it is a very rich program but very functional, intuitive and operative.

What has it meant for your brokerage to join the ebroker community?

In a word, modernize, reach the XXI century in terms of organization and business management. Finally we can count on a program that we know is a leader and capable of adapting to the needs of the insurance market at all times. Our goal is, with our young staff, to be pioneers in technology and customer service among insurance intermediaries. Take advantage of computer resources that added to our experience and knowledge can differentiate our service and grow according to the times and the digital age.

What solutions does ebroker provide?

The services of ebroker have no limits. We should have a person on the payroll just to really get the most out of everything the ebroker offers. The after-sales service is excellent with a wide service schedule and a great response capacity.

Every day we discover new features that facilitate the work of mediation.

Alarm systems, filters to improve premiums and guarantees in policies that were obsolete, conclusions about the performance of the brokerage, trace our strategy and polish the management, ebroker has allowed us all this and we trust that year after year it will not stop growing and to get better.

What improvements or what services do you propose?

Regarding improvements that we believe could be integrated into ebroker. Here are some suggestions: We are firm advocates of keeping policies alive, facilitating a system of regularizations at the billing level and the number of employees, it would seem essential. Also another notable improvement would be to integrate more companies into the connectivity and the multitarner would be a key advance. An annual review of the uses we make ebroker brokerages would also be spectacular. And finally, being able to offer a digital signature service through ebroker to our customers would be unbeatable. That they could sign applications and questionnaires through Signaturit, for example, would be very helpful.

Would you recommend ebroker?

Sure, without any doubt. It is a software capable of supporting large, medium and small brokerages and allows you to work wherever you are. A ten, young and active team that never stops moving to promote new tools so that those of us who are part of the ebroker community have the most cutting-edge technology that allows us to be competitive, in an increasingly demanding market.

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