In a study conducted by PRISMA (Intelligence Processes and Resources at the Service of Insurance Mediation) regarding the behavior of the market in the first quarter of 2024, places Allianz Spain as an outstanding leading entity in the preference of insurance brokers in the placement of new Non-Life production with 28,23% of the business.

The insurance company Generali Seguros, thanks to the integration of Liberty Insurance, occupies second position in the Top 10 with a channel penetration percentage of 19,29%. MAPFRE With 12,58% it occupies third place in the ranking.

PRISMA is an initiative of ebroker Insurance Technologies pioneer and innovator in the Spanish insurance market based on Big Data techniques, whose objective is to obtain and group the results of different data analysis work, coming from different sources and related to the activity of the insurance broker channel, to make them available. disposition and for the benefit of the professional community.