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Since February 29, 2008, every Friday, we are excited to help our community of insurance brokers and their entire staff through the “Did you know…” newsletter.

From the User Service Area, this newsletter is prepared and sent to all ebroker users, which aims to help brokerages better understand the outstanding functionalities for greater use of ebroker and thus achieve more efficiency in their work. from day to day.

The “Did you know…” newsletter is an informative, single-thematic document on a weekly basis that the entire user community receives via email.

If you still do not receive it, send an email to support@ebroker.es indicating the name of your brokerage and the email address to which you want it to arrive.


713. Cybersecurity tips

For us, information security is a key aspect and, for that same reason, we are continually implementing measures that improve the security of the systems that make up our ebroker suite. However, you should be aware that the vast majority of attacks arise from fraudulent access through end users of the applications, which is why today we bring you a series of tips to reduce hackers' access to your information.

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