At the service of the runner

ebroker is a suite of tools whose objective is to put the latest innovations in technology at the service of our users.

Our solution is made up of several modules fully interconnected with each other, which provide a comprehensive solution designed to adapt to the needs of the insurance broker.

From a business core composed of a complete enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, to customer management (CRM), automation and process management (BPM), document management (DMS) and finance modules. All of this complemented by a dynamic multi-pricing system, a sector connectivity middleware integrated with more than 30 insurance companies, a Business Intelligence platform that allows the exploitation of all business information and mobility solutions that will provide the broker with new ways to access the information and communicate with your customers.

To achieve this, ebroker takes care of what is seen, but also what is not seen. Whether you are familiar with this terminology or not, below we show, in a completely transparent way, the technological stack that makes up our platform.

Technology at the service of the broker

Accessibility and usability

Web environment

The ebroker suite is designed on a web architecture model and only requires a device with an internet connection for its use, thus facilitating accessibility, interconnection and connectivity with the different business processes of insurance entities, optimizing and making the work of the insurance mediator more efficient.

Technology at the service of the broker



Apification is a design paradigm aimed at facilitating the exchange of information through standardized interfaces. This approach allows the ebroker platform to be a highly integrable ecosystem, where external tools aimed at covering the specific needs of each company can be interconnected in an agile and simple way.

Technology at the service of the broker

Safety and Efficiency

Cloud native platform

The conception of ebroker as a platform designed to operate in a cloud environment makes it a solution with multiple advantages, among which the following stand out:

  • Reduction of start-up times.
  • Flexibility and scalability.
  • Advanced security.
  • Savings in infrastructure, administration and maintenance.
  • Simplicity, compatibility and automation.
  • Quality guarantee.
Technology at the service of the broker


constant innovation

The ebroker tool suite is a living platform, constantly updated to adapt to the latest technological trends. Throughout its more than 24 years, it has evolved from a monolithic client-server application to a distributed cloud native architecture, formed by an apified ecosystem of microservices, combined with reactive microfrontends and mobility platforms. All of this is supported by solid information models in relational and non-SQL databases, which allow easy exploitation of data in BI and AI platforms.

Infrastructure technological partners for cloud ebroker:
Technology at the service of the broker
Technology at the service of the broker
Technology at the service of the broker
Technology at the service of the broker