Software for insurance brokers

Software for insurance

ebroker was born from the interest and vision of a small group of insurance brokers who, at the end of the 90s, promoted the initiative of providing themselves with management software whose conception, development and evolution responded exclusively to the needs and strategic interests of the insurance broker. ebroker is software for insurance.

It was an alternative proposal to the offer of the traditional industry that we launched to the insurance intermediaries community of the Spanish market in 2001 .

Today ebroker is the strategic partner for the accompaniment of insurance brokerage companies and brokers in their digital transformation process. It is the sum of one ERP, an environment of sectoral connectivity , a Marketplace and a set of portfolio of 360º value for insurance brokers.

From a strongly capitalized, professionalized, independent and open to the market business project, ebroker has been developing and consolidating over the years in different phases and stages in which innovation has been its main engine, and as a result it has evolved to the current moment in which it is positioned as a leading global and integral technological solution for the insurance brokerage.