Nino and María

A Brokerage with Arraigo

The first thing that catches the attention of the visitor who comes to know the Noceda brokerage is that its headquarters is located in Lourenzá, a small town of just 2.500 inhabitants of the mariña Lucense, a region eminently agro-livestock and well known for the quality of its flagship product, the "faba de Lourenzá" of Protected Geographical Indication.

Domnino Rodriguez Moirón, -Nino for everyone-, his daughter María and his sister-in-law and partner Rosario López receive us with that natural and frank hospitality of the area. Then everything begins to make sense. Nino's eyes sparkle when he tells us about the origins of the company. They radiate that special intuition and common sense of the Galician entrepreneur who has built his project stone by stone.

The particular client is the axis on which the company has been built since its origins, and remains the key to our future.

And is that Noceda is a family business that as very well expresses its own etymology - Walnut tree - is firmly rooted in its environment. He started his career at 1.957 with his father-in-law Jose María López Noceda. Nino joins the company in 1.986 while still a business student and the following year he assumes the responsibility of taking the reins of the business until it becomes one of the reference brokers of the Galician community. "The relief of the saga is guaranteed by the hand of my daughters María and Sara, both lawyers, and Daniel, the son of my partner Rosario, deals with management and administration issues. In short, a new generation with a much better preparation than the one we had when we started ”he tells us with justified pride.

Undoubtedly, the key to Noceda's success is precisely that conception of the business as a large family formed by the clients themselves and the company's human team. Normal people who work hard to solve other people's problems.

For Nino, customers -the people- as he calls them, are one of the basic pillars on which the company must be built. "We offer empathy, a personal and close treatment and we solve their needs with quality and professional ethics," he explains. "The particular client is the axis on which the company has been built since its origins, and remains the key to our future." The second pillar is the continuous training of your team. "They must be expert professionals in the different areas of the activity to transfer to the client the confidence and security that their matters are in the best hands. It is the knowledge and involvement of this great team that achieve the satisfaction of our customers, which translates into their loyalty over the years. "

Noceda and Quality

The commitment and professionalism of the entire team of Noceda to offer a quality service to its customers is evident through the recognition obtained over the past years, being worthy of the National Quality Certificate in life insurance management granted by ICEA in the 200,6 2009 and 2011 years as well as the 2013 Gem Award nomination for business management in the insurance mediation.


Nino passed his broker exam in 1992 and since then has proven to be an entrepreneur firmly committed to the mediation sector, that is why he is part of the AGACOSE board of directors, from which he strives to promote the change of the broker into an entrepreneur modern. “Insurance brokers have been pioneers in Spain in professional associations. However, today the association map is too fragmented and this makes us weak. Broker associations should converge into stronger groups, with greater sector representation and therefore more efficient, as is the case in other neighboring countries. To give a close example, in Portugal there are 2 associations of runners, while in Spain there are already more than 30, in addition to the respective professional associations. "

What words would you choose to define the past, present and future of the sector?

Past, Difficult, Uncertain

What challenges do you think therefore the insurance broker faces?

We must address important technological issues, such as connectivity, which must be resolved in a coherent way, either through EIAC or any other model, but what undoubtedly constitutes my greatest concern when I look to the future is the client. It is our main asset. We must strive to know their real needs every day better to share with him technology and knowledge and therefore be innovative, anticipate and offer products and benefits that really satisfy you.
We should also pay due attention to customer training in the insurance culture. It is our obligation to transfer knowledge and try to make you aware of the importance of your insurance and your rights and obligations as a consumer.


Nino, María and Rosario

Noceda and technology

Noceda has a staff of 16 people in the insurance area spread over four locations in the towns of Lourenzá, Burela, Xove and A Coruña that serve more than 7.000 clients. Managing all this activity would be unthinkable without solid technological support.

Why did you choose ebroker as brokerage management software at a critical time of growth and internal reorganization

Without a doubt one of the fundamental reasons was the ability of ebroker to respond to a structure of personnel and profiles as complex as ours.

At the time of assessing in detail the tool I left the task in the hands of the own team of the brokerage. The main problem when dealing with a change in technology is the internal resistance of the users, so we put them in contact with the ebroker team so that they could know first hand all the features and features of the platform. Once they tried it, they had no doubts about it.

Do you know the different capabilities and functionalities that ebroker is incorporating?

Yes, we keep up to date thanks to the effort of communication and training that ebroker does, which seems to me a success. We have attended some of the seminars and in addition to the technical knowledge we always come up with new ideas for the business.

What improvements would you ask for the tool?

The most important thing for us would be that in the ERP environment, its functionalities were evolving to offer value services for the client in an agile and simple way. For example, we find its capacity for document management and objective analysis especially interesting, something in which we have already been working internally through the SANOS tool developed within AGACOSE since it seems to us to be a key element in improving the efficiency and quality of service for the client.


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