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Like athletes, at ebroker we are constantly looking for challenges that highlight our strengths and values.
Teamwork, solidarity, the importance of effort and the ability to excel are also part of our day to day, with the aim of offering our clients the best experience when working with us.

Our commitment

High-level competition requires a high degree of preparation and the definition of a strategy that allows you to advance along the route and reach each of the goals. From ebroker, we accompany the athletes and disciplines that best express what we feel and represent us on the way.

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Paula Esteiro Ramos



Also known as ''Peski'', born in Camariñas (A Coruña), is an obstacle course runner (OCR).

This Coruña woman combines her facet as a nurse by profession with participation in national and international obstacle course circuits that test endurance, strength, speed and dexterity.

At ebroker we share with Paula the values ​​that this warrior defends and carries with her in each race: teamwork, solidarity, the importance of effort, attitude, aptitude, camaraderie and the ability to excel...

Adrian Diaz Gonzalez


Praviano Adrián Díaz González is one of the strongest promises of Spanish Olympic shooting, in the rifle modality. His record counts great results and both national and international championships, coming to represent the national Olympic shooting team on multiple occasions throughout the world.  

A spectacular background that began in 2013 and at just 12 years old, derived from a history full of strength and overcoming that has made him, despite his youth, one of the great references in his specialty. 

It is part of the #ebrokerTeam and we believe that it represents like no one else the values ​​of perseverance, certainty, precision and vision that, as professionals, we defend.  

OCR Competitions


Official main sponsors in the 2018, 2019 and 2021 editions of the Crow's Battle. An OCR race where competitors must overcome different physical challenges in the form of obstacles that test endurance, strength, speed and dexterity.

It is a consolidated competition that has been constantly growing and evolving since its first edition in 2016, with 350 participants until reaching almost 1000 in 2021.

It is one of the most demanding tests, with the greatest prestige, best qualified and favorite of Elite competitors and lovers of this sport in Spain.