ebroker santalucia

“SANTALUCÍA is an insurance entity with a presence and commitment to the broker channel that grows day by day, so for ebroker its presence and relevance is strategic within our development plans and promotion of connectivity, both in the commercial field as in the necessary efficiency of management processes”, says Higinio Iglesias, CEO of ebroker.

Last week, Dominique Uzel (General Director), Fernando Calvín (Director of Face-to-Face Business), Juan Hernández (Director Channel Corredores) and Jorge Juan Gómez (Head of Connectivity) of SANTALUCÍA, the leading insurance company in family protection, met at the ebroker Center in Pravia, Asturias, with Higinio Iglesias, CEO, Helena Iglesias, Director of Sectoral Connectivity and Pedro Ramos, Director of Business Development of the technology company.

In the words of Fernando Calvin"This meeting is framed within one of the strategic pillars of the broker channel, such as sectoral “connectivity”, which helps us share experiences and anticipate technological trends to provide the best service to independent mediation. ebroker is a reference technological partner with which we are evolving our value offer by making it available to the 700 brokerages that make up the community"

During the work day, a review of the The roadmap 2024 of the developments that both companies have in common to continue enhancing the context of connectivity between SANTALUCÍA and the corridors integrated into the technological platform, both in the management aspect and in the commercial aspect with the development and incorporation of new products. In the last year, the number of active brokers working with the insurer in Merlin has increased by 170%.

SANTALUCÍA has extensive connectivity for brokers on the platform that includes the automated integration of policies with SIAPOL and receipt movements in EIAC. On the other hand, the company has a presence in the ebroker suite with the Home, Life and Funeral products in the Merlín multi-tariff, to which the Communities will soon be added. In that sense, ebroker continues to continuously add products to Merlín with the recent incorporation of a new one for the Home branch, thus increasing the business options of user insurance brokers.