607-Load receipts from file.

ebroker, allows you to carry out a massive load of receipts through a text file in CSV format. You can download the template with the file format from the button enabled in the module. File template download button: The file must not contain any row without content. The file must contain the number of columns defined in the template. The data reported in the file is integrated into ebroker following the following flow: If the receipt does not exist A new receipt is created and inserted from the data reported in the file If the receipt exists An update is made of the data of that receipt, based on the information obtained from the line of the file.

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596-Control of variation of premiums.

ebroker, allows you to automate the sending of an email to the corresponding users with the list of receipts that have an increase equal to or greater than a certain percentage. In this case, we will configure an internal alarm, of the email type and daily periodicity that, by means of a "Grouped" type template, reports the receipts due within 30 days and with a premium variation percentage equal to or greater than 10% . The alarm is created in the Receipts module and you must use the following filters: Status. P * (We take into account all pending states). Valid since. = 10%

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591-Replace receipt.

ebroker, allows you to register a receipt from the cancellation of another that is already registered in the system; This process can be carried out with the option "Replace receipt" in the registration menu of the receipt module. The system performs the cancellation operation of the replaced receipt and the registration of the new receipt in the same process.

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582 Process automation. Notice of receipt to collection.

ebroker, allows you to send, in an automated way, a communication to the client to inform them of the next payment of their direct debit. To do this, you can create an alarm in the receipt module establishing the means of communication and its advance with respect to the validity of the receipt. In this case, we will send the notice to clients through the means of their preference and with a notice of 5 days before the effective date. For this purpose, you must use the following data filters within the search catalog: Receipt status = PENDING Average collection = BANK Validity = @ DD5D @

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