577 Validation control. Password strength settings.

ebroker, allows you to configure the system with the necessary measures to guarantee an adequate level of security in the authentication process (Access) of the different users. In addition to setting the number of attempts allowed, the number of minutes that the user would be blocked, and the number of days to expire, you can increase the strength of the password by setting the following requirements:

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574 Last days presentation DEC!

We remind you that next week the deadline for submitting the Statistical-Accounting Documentation (DEC) 2020 is over, specifically on Friday, April 30. In ebroker you have the necessary tools to carry out the telematic presentation of the statistical - accounting information of the brokerage. To do this, you must generate the file from the button "Generation of the File for Telematic Presentation". Once generated, you must select it within the history, it would be the one that appears as "annual-2020.xml" and then you download it from the button: "Download file", saving it on your computer so that later, you can import it into the application of the DGSFP. Remember that, in addition, once the file is generated, from "Model Printing Interface" you can print it in pdf.

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549 RGPD. Authorization and consent

ebroker allows you, from the "Management" section of the Clients module, to access the functionalities related to the authorization and consent processes for data processing. The module allows you to manage the language of the consent model, the origin of the data, the consent model associated with the client and the consented purposes.

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