insurance broker advisor
insurance broker advisor

By Adrián Álvarez, Specialist in Marketing and Communication of ebroker.

Of Figure insurance broker has existed since the beginning of the insurance business more than 300 years ago. In England in the XNUMXth century, insurance companies did not yet exist, so an intermediary had to go through different instances and look for different insurers (people with economic and moral solvency) before completing the capital to insure a shipment of merchandise or a ship, and return to the captain, skipper or owner who had contacted him, with the insurance contract that would guarantee them the maritime adventure.

As an intermediary, this new professional figure managed from the collection of economic resources to the insured's commitment quota and the sums that he should receive for the claims that occurred. This work began to be more and more demanding as maritime activity increased and insurance operations grew, with which the intermediary had to manage to be much more efficient and at the same time much faster in their efforts while looking after the interests of the insured.

This is how the insurance broker was born, from the need of the insured to have the best offers and conditions to guarantee their peace of mind. Nowadays, the essence of the profession is the sameNo matter how much time has passed, this has not changed and the activity of the insurance broker continues to be essential, adding value to both customers and products and companies.

Simple policy sellers?

Considering that society, economy and business processes have evolved a lot since then, an insurance broker you cannot be considered a simple policy seller, since the mediation activity contributes its knowledge and experience to mediate the interests of both parties, offering different services, not only a policy and its coverage. So, if the technological tools from which it is supported must contemplate more areas of its activity than the merely commercialWhy use tools that only serve to sell when what I need is to better advise my clients and offer them a service according to the trust they have shown me and their interests?

Technology to better advise your clients

There are solutions that allow a runner to be productive, but How do I achieve the necessary efficiency that allows me to use the time to better advise my clients? True efficiency lies in having a ERP solid behind the business environment where all the process information is integrate at the moment, allowing the broker to save a lot of time and effort in administrative tasks to dedicate to providing service and serve your customers.

Have a tool Business intelligence Experience capable of providing the broker with a very visual and customizable environment that takes the analysis of your business one step further. A system CRM with skills in managing campaigns, business opportunities or candidates. The automation of processes and tasks. The connectivity with insurers, bidirectional and based on TOP/EIAC. In addition to multiple functionalities, tools and services that cover all the activity of an insurance brokerage, not just sales.

📺 Watch the film "Lloyd's of London" here where the important role that insurance mediation has played for more than 300 years is represented.

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